U2 Unreleased Megamix

Posted on 09. Jun, 2009 by in Studio Sessions

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U2Back in the late 80′s, I did a U2 megamix for DJ subscription service, DMC. This mix was released on vinyl and CD in the public domain. What is not ‘out there’ in the physical and internet world is my original version of this mix. This version was created using much more limited technology than was available to me later at DMC’s studios. So, what makes this different to the official released version – and why’s it so special to me?

Firstly, there are 6 tracks in the unreleased version and 8 in the released one (see comparative listings below). Without dissecting the entire unreleased mix and how I believe it had moments that were literally impossible to replicate later, I’ll just focus on a few production points. The speed up/slow down sections were achieved by sampling short sections of vinyl into my twin Korg digital delays (taking the left & right audio signals), then adjusting the time/factor knob to give that effect. My favourite mix (ever, actually) is between ‘Pride’ and ‘New Years Day’. Again, using the previously mentioned method, a ‘Pride..’ section was captured, then keeping a focus on bar positions, manually sped up to match the tempo (and fortunately the musical key) of ‘New Years Day’. Underneath this, the vinyl of ‘NYD’ was mixed live under the digital loop. To this day, this specific segue still gives me a thrill :-)

Track listings and running order aside, the final mix on this unreleased beauty was between ‘Gloria’ and ‘Fire’. It was simply two vinyls mixed together, and sounded like the band themselves were playing it live.. but could I replicate that later for the ‘released’ version – like hell I could!! And so below, here’s the MP3 link for all the U2 fans and megamix aficionado’s alike. Actually transmitted on Radio 1 by DJ Bruno Brookes for one evening only in (I think ’85), I’ll point out also that this (shall I say the word again?) unreleased version was mastered to cassette tape (I told you the gear used was erm, limited, lol). I’ve given it a bit of 00′s technology but it aint CD quality folks.. Nonetheless, hope you enjoy listening to this, drum roll please Larry.. [almost] a world premiere..


Track Listing for Unreleased U2 Megamix

  1. Pride, In the Name of Love
  2. New Years Day
  3. Two Hearts Beat as One
  4. Unforgettable Fire
  5. Gloria
  6. Fire

Track Listing for Official DMC release

  1. Dakeyne Intro
  2. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  3. Pride, In the Name of Love
  4. Where The Streets Have No Name
  5. New Years Day
  6. Unforgettable Fire
  7. Two Hearts Beat as One
  8. Gloria
  9. Fire

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Jon Butterfield

09. Jun, 2009

Thanks for sharing! That’s awesome.

Simon Sinfield

09. Jun, 2009

OMG! Completely lost for words Paul. I’ve the original vinyl DMC version and the subsequent CD re-master, but this is far , far better. Thanks mate. More hidden gems please?

Paul Dakeyne

10. Jun, 2009

Hey Simon, not sure I have other hidden gems that shine maybe that bright, but I’m reasonably sure there’s a few alternative mixes/remixes, and ‘from cassette’ unreleased corkers around in the attic here.. Thank you for your support/comments fella..

david grafton

16. Jul, 2010

The original U2 is very special……..and the best ive heard….

Paul Dakeyne

17. Jul, 2010

Cheers David..

David Alan Smith

04. Sep, 2010

I already have a copy on cassette tape somewhere, think I got from that mix slot u did on one of the local radio stations. I agree about the tempo change between Pride and New Years day. Easy today within Traktor etc but not when u did it.



02. Aug, 2011

Hi Paul,
Been enjoying all your articles & rare/unreleased remixes since I recently came across your site… Many thanks!
How do I send you a PM? I can’t get the email link at the top of the page to work.
Cheers, Brent

Paul Dakeyne

10. Aug, 2011

Hi Brent
Send me an email on tinman18remix@hotmail.co.uk


15. Dec, 2011

Brilliant mix Paul, given the date you did this and the tech available it still sounds amazing – now about writing that book we talked about…

Paul Dakeyne

13. Feb, 2012

Hi Simon
Hmmm.. the book… yep, should do it :-)

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