The Lunatics Have Taken Over ‘The Asylum’

Posted on 30. Jul, 2009 by in News

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chris moyles_paul dakeyneThe title? Well, it’s a track from the 80′s by the FunBoy 3, but in a cheesy radio style link, why not use it for last night’s shenanigans? Chris Moyles, my friend Comedy Dave, and the rest of the Radio 1 Breakfast Show team invaded the City of Hull last night. With me living in a nearby village, it was a great opportunity to catch up with Dave again, finally meet Chris and enjoy a mid-week night out of a slightly different nature.

Comedy Dave HullThe Breakfast show was transmitted today from BBC Radio Humberside’s studios by a rather ‘delicate’ Chris Moyles team, but the big fun was had last night, at the Hull University’s ‘Asylum’ venue. With a live band, Chris, Dave, Dom, Carrie, Rachel, Aled and other guests banged out one of the funniest karaoke night’s you could imagine. All songs were well received but none more so than Dave’s brilliant re-working of the Atomic Kitten track, ‘Make Me Whole Again’.. re-mixed and re-lyricised by Dave to be, ‘We Can Go To Hull Again’ -Genius!

Comedy Dave Hull Paul DakeynePost gig, myself, the lovely Debz, and good friends Stuart, Dan and Ian, had a few bevvies and chatted with the Moyles team back at their hotel. We all had a great time and it was cool to finally meet Chris face to face – jeez he’s a scream and as friendly as you’d expect. Catching up with Dave is always a pleasure – so, yeah, fabulous end to a kick arse night!

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