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Posted on 24. May, 2009 by in News

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Paul Dakeyne LiveWell here it is.. The first post in my new Blog, on my new Website. Granted I’m not exactly new to the world of online wonders we enjoy these days and I find myself Twittering, ‘DV’ Blogging, Facebook’ing, MySpace‘ing, Forum‘ing and on the borders of AudioBoo’ing..(are they all now verbs..?). This reconnection to lost friends, industry colleagues and to new people out there who have appreciated my work throughout the years but I’ve never had the pleasure to correspond with, up until now, is both humbling and a huge satisfaction to yours truly. Making a difference to peoples lives, hearing of their memories of [and comments about] mixes, remixes and productions I’ve done over the past two decades, and having a chance to fill in some musical gaps for those seeking a digital replacement for something lost on an old C-60 cassette is .. well, as I said, my pleasure..

Ok, the heartfelt bit out of the way, what is this new [] website and blog gonna be about? I’m happy to say, it will be a platform for practically my complete music production history, and a diary of ‘the now’, and new things to come. The Blog will be my ramblings, thoughts and opinions on everything from pro-audio gear, music production, studio techniques both retro and modern to memories of gigs gone by, DJ stuff, arty-creative scribing and some periodic ‘off topic’ (and sometimes philosophical) randomness – which will be fun!

For those wanting to put a magnifying glass over a helluva lot of my recorded remix/production work, mixes and mash-ups, I’m hoping to put up extract audio streams of everything I feel is my best work, since day one in this industry. This will take time, so please RSS feed me for weekly updates as I intend to get a regular update of music (and of course you’ll get the Blog posts too). Each uploaded piece will also have some specific anecdotal ‘production notes’ and info which hopefully will be of interest.

Right, first post, last paragraph.. Thanks for checking in, and tell your friends they’re most welcome too.. ‘let’s get on with the show!’

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Marc N-J

28. May, 2009

Let me be the first to say, ‘Congratulations’ on this super cool looking site. Now, as a fellow ego-maniac, I want one!

Paul Dakeyne

08. Jun, 2009

You can get your version of this site at
Either that or teach me how to play BARRE chords!!

Bruce McLean

10. Jun, 2009


been all over it like a rash and it,s shaping up nicely .
It is however missing the creative notes for 18 strings …. this is dance music folklore!!!

Scott Burns

16. Jun, 2010

Hi paul, scott here again, i am doing a remix of divines NATIVE LOVE, all my pals say its feckin bang’n, i quite like it myself, i am using reason 4, i just want to know how i could send it to you, i would like a pros opinion, its still in progress, i tried to message you on my space, but friends only can pm. would love you to hear it and hopefully get positive feedback. thanx again my main man. BIG SCOTT.

Cutmaster Swift

11. Feb, 2011

Mr Dakeyne, It’s a long time fan here passing on the congratulations on your piece regarding the Fresh scratch sample, very nice! Get in touch I think I’ve got another interesting story I feel you could cover! :-)

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