Nightclubbin’ with Grace Jones

Posted on 22. Sep, 2009 by in Studio Sessions

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Grace Jones Nighclubbin'It was ten years ago in 1999 that I remixed Grace Jones’ seminal ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ – a track with more sexual innuendos than you could shake a stick at. This post is a quick rewind on that and also to finally make public a short but very sassy unreleased Dakeyne remix of Grace’s Iggy Pop penned Nightclubbin’ track.

Firstly, the ‘..Bumper’ remix was done during my last few days of involvement with the DMC organisation, where I was renting space in the form of my old ‘Studio 1′ environment. This room was equipped with a fair few hardware toys and a large Sountracs mixing desk but by this time I was already pretty much working ‘in the box’ with no external processing/mixing involved. ‘..Bumper’ originally had a tempo of 109 and I took it to quite an extreme house territory of 128 bpm. Within this I programmed some Propellerheads ReCycle‘d percussion loops, originally courtesy of Sly and Robbie – I can’t tell you what a pleasure it was to get my hands on those individual samples..

Some cool (for their day) sound design tools were also used: Pro Tools Digi Pack (extreme flanges and metal/lo-fi FX processing): Arboretum Hyperprism for the crazy cut up sequence on the acapella drop on Grace’s ‘Pull up..’ vocal: Metasynth, for the mutated percussion loop punctuating the track. Yeah, it was fun to do, and especially when it got to, shall we say, emphasizing Grace’s rather risque` lyrics :-)


Nightclubbin’ for 2006

So from ’99, we move to ’06 and a commissioned session I did for a leading events management company who were providing models and choreography for a high profile Hair & Fashion show. The remit was to provide a modern interpretation on Miss Jones’ ‘Nightclubbin’ track. No parts were available to accomplish this, I only had the original stereo CD track to use as source material. It was to be used for a models catwalk routine (which on the day was very theatrical and a credit to their Creative Director) and subsequently had a very strict timing and ‘arrangement’ factor to adhere to.

Sticking with the original (s-l-o-w-w-w..) tempo of 77 bpm, I made AIFF audio files of different and relevant (1, 2 and 4 bar) sections which were then processed in the ‘Apple Loop’ utility (which I think was very underrated at the time and allowed complete tempo manipulation at a darn fine quality). The visual direction from the event’s Creative team suggested a very sensuous, flowing modulated rhythm with electronic undertones. This lead me to utilise and reprogramme 2 very heavily processed loops from Spectrasonic’s amazing groove machine, Stylus RMX. With some luscious bass emulation of the main hook and a series of very specific timeline positioned delays, the vocal was remapped and sits as you’ll hear it below.

So aside from a couple of hundred fashionistas back in 2007, my remix here remains un-heard and ‘unreleased’. As short as this version is (for the show), I can’t help listening to it over and over again.. So what do you reckon, extend it and get it ‘out there’?


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22. Sep, 2009

”as the sun slowly vanishes over the horizon outside mambo, Ibiza”.


23. Sep, 2009

pull up to the bumper – always a great track and i liked the dmc remix but always wanted a FULL vocal version any chance paul??
as for nightclubbing, wow love it and yes i feel a full long version is warranted

Paul Dakeyne

24. Nov, 2009

Interesting request Gary, a full vocal version.. Now, do I still have the parts…? Thanks for the thumbs up on the ‘Nighclubbin’ remix too :-)

Frank Carona

07. Apr, 2010

Great job Paul…excellent work involved…I love it…

Paul Dakeyne

19. May, 2010

Cool Frank
Best wishes

Ralph Randell

09. Aug, 2011

Hi Paul…been having fun tonight listening to all your back catalogue of mixes….The Nightclubbin track would sound great in a 5.1 surround sound mix like some of the tracks you where presenting the last time I saw you a few years ago at wembley ( I think) it was when I I saw you and Des & Nodd all at the same place
great version and yes lengthen it and get it out there mate with all the electronic stuff by …Lady Gaga , the Mirrors and Depeche Mode remixes etc etc out there at the moment it should be well received
Wish Id Known about it a couple of weeks ago cause I would have played it at Wayne Hemmingways Vintage on the Southbank …

Paul Dakeyne

10. Aug, 2011

Thanks for the kind comments Ralph, good to hear from you mate. Maybe catch up sometime in the not too distant…?

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