Moyles V. Westwood – Traktor and Logic Into Play

Posted on 28. May, 2009 by in Studio Sessions

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chris moyles vs tim westwoodAlthough having blogged in detail on each step of this particular story over at DV’s Musical Notes, I thought I’d get my involvement with the whole Moyles Vs. Westwood Soundclash down here in one post.

A few weeks ago, Moylesey was chatting about his upcoming soundclash with Tim ‘Big Dawg’ Weswood at Radio 1’s ‘Big Weekend‘ in Swindon. ‘Comedy Dave’ then reminds Chris that he has access to the ‘mixmeister’ services of yours truly and next thing you know I’m in the ‘Pop Laboratory’ on what looks like a mammoth ‘mash-up’ session. The plot was to give Chris some audio dynamite to blow Tim Westwood off the stage.

Traktor Pro and Logic 8With track listing and samples selected, all MP3′s and AIFF’s were transferred onto my MacBook’s hard drive running Traktor Pro. The plan..? Use Traktor to stream audio into Logic 8 taking advantage of the audio manipulation power and some cool effects, do tempo changes on linking sections, and generally being my DJ booth for the day. In Logic 8, I added crossfades, moved audio slices around & triggered samples from EXS24 with FX where needed.

Comedy Dave Radio 1A straight 14 hour mixing session later, and I fell into bed with just 3 hours sleep before I caught the red eye train into London, CD in hand to deliver to Comedy Dave personally. Now, I haven’t seen Dave since the mid 90’s (although we keep in touch reasonably often), and it was great to get a coffee and chat about life, the universe and everything (he said the answer was ’42′ but how would he know :lol:).   I stuck some headphones into the laptop and played him the full 3′45″ mash up. He loved it! It was to be delivered to Chris when Dave went in for the next morning’s show.

Three days later,  at 4.00 pm of the Big Weekend’s Sunday, we’re all watching the BBC webcam pointed at the Moyles v. Westwood soundclash stage – But in a crime against TV license payers, there’s NO SOUND! Frustrating to watch, but fun to see Chris jumping around whilst Westwood’s head gradually bows lower with the though of donating one of his pimped up rides if he loses. At 11.00 pm that night, edited highlights of the 1 hour event were posted up on the Big Weekend website. This is the bit where I got to jump around – Although over in the wink of an eye, Moyles grabs the mike , looks up to the Swindon party massive, and says “This is where Westwood goes down”. Straight into my mix intro, and then the crowd (Oh yes!!), cheer like a good ‘un, and start bouncing up ‘n down to the drums from Chad Jackson’s “Hear The Drummer Get Wicked”

RESULT!.. and here’s the Moyles Mash-Up in it’s full, glorious 3 minute 45 second entirety..*takes a bow, leaves the building*

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