Getting ‘Low’ with Flo Rida

Posted on 15. Jul, 2009 by in Studio Sessions

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low flo rida dakeyne remixOne of the biggest R&B crossover records of 2008 was of course Flo Rida’s now classic, ‘Low’. To the best of my knowledge then and still now, there were never any officially released House mixes available. Sure, there were plenty of YouTube remix attempts, ranging from ok to plain horrendous, but nothing I’d feel happy playing out. Listening to the track (and with no acapella present of course), it was actually a ‘gift’ to any remixer – 128 bpm, no bassline, musically simple, 808 kick/clap and a minimalistic backing to the vocal content.

So, into the studio and first thing was to put the straight audio file of the ‘Low’ track into Logic‘s arrange page. Putting a simple click track up, I was pleasantly surprised that lengthy sections of the track stayed constantly in time at the bpm of 128 – result there then, no time stretching necessary. Having not at that time delved that deeply into Logic’s Ultrabeat instrument, for a change I thought I’d put ‘Battery‘ aside and have a crack with this. Assembling a fitting 4/4 House rhythm and additional percussion parts, that was then mapped through the basic arrangement.

flo rida low dakeyne remix 2With the lower frequencies of the Flo Rida track delicately cut with some EQ adjustment, I set about making the basic bassline befitting a standard House track.. But, having the opportunity to make a different ‘side-step’ expression as the tracks time-line moved on, I made a completely different bass sound and pattern to fit the relevant vocal part. As the work on the remix continued, some repeated vocal sections were fed through various effects to create the ‘rhythmic filtered delay’ sections that periodically occur in the finished version.

As with a lot of commercial dance remixes [especially in the 'extended' versions], the inclusion of a cool breakdown section is well received on the dancefloor. Usually it’s a newly introduced riff or sound sequence with an accompanying cut of the main drums. For this part of the ‘Low’ remix I programmed up a rather tasty synth line, almost ‘ravey-Belgian’ style’ (whatever that is?!), made that kick into the section with various other parts gradually leveled up and filtered in.. and the result, with the main beat kicking back in, was more than satisfying (it rocks on a club floor too!)

Once finished, arranged and self-mastered, I dispatched an MP3 version around to various DJ friends around the world via MySpace and Facebook etc. The reactions back were amazing – but, I couldn’t do much more with the track as it wasn’t an official version and had to remain ‘promo only’. Somehow, at a later date, a YouTube’r got hold of the MP3 and uploaded the audio to a makeshift video of rotating images from the original Flo Rida video. At least they had the decency to credit me and put that it was a promo version etc.. As the weeks progressed, it was amazing to see the YouTube plays increase drastically. After a few months of ever increasing plays and decent comments, at 36,000 views it was eventually ‘removed’ at the demand of Warner Brother’s records – To this day I wonder why they focused on my remix to remove from YouTube and left the plethora of others alone? And, I’m still waiting for a black stretch-limo to pull up outside my house so Mr Rida can “have words” ;-)

Anyway, here’s the MP3 for your listening pleasure..


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15. Jul, 2009

wicked remix!!!

John Rushford

19. Jul, 2009

Wow Paul… this…It really hits the Spot . The Synth line is Tasty as well. Can’t believe that WB were not happy with this…I think Mr Rida needs to have good look at himself in the mirror and ask “WHAT A PRAT I AM”…lol

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