Gettin’ Some Love Action!

Posted on 15. Feb, 2012 by in Studio Sessions

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2002 saw me in the midst of a production deal with the Ministry of Sound – part of this deal included my commitment to work on speculative projects for the label. The club’s publishing department at this time had licensed the rights for some of the original Human League tracks and as a result, I and a few other Producer’s were commissioned to record and mix a series of newtracks based on the League’s work (samples, melody’s and other such audio influence).

Amongst one or two other ‘League’ related sessions, one notable project (working title, ‘Distraction‘) was a personal favourite of mine. Due to the big dance music industry meltdown that occurred around ’02~03 however, this production never saw the light of day as a release. ‘Love Action’ was the original track my version was based on, with two version’s coming from a solid week of recording and mixing. Looking at the audio files I have on back-up CD, the vocalist was a girl called Amy – with version one of the mixes being a solid, though more commercial club mix, and the second getting my more harder-edged ‘Terpsichord’ treatment.

Both versions are below for your scrutiny and hopeful enjoyment (be gentle with me, remember, they are over ten years old now). The one and only airing of either mix of the above ‘Distraction’ project was myself DJ’ing, dropping the Terpsichord version to an underground club in Denmark (I think) – ironically, for my last ever Ministry of Sound tour gig.

Version 1 – Club Vocal Mix

Version 2 – Terpsichord Mix

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