Dum Dum – Unreleased Funky House

Posted on 23. Nov, 2011 by in Studio Sessions

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On my occasional mission to bring y’all some unreleased Dakeyne productions from the archives, here’s another one and a proper little belter it is too if I may say. For lovers of all things funky and housey, may I present ‘Dum Dum’ by (another conjured up pseudonym), The Psychids.



Funk’d Up!

This track dates back to sometime in the early 00′s – I’d guess at 2001, and was made as a possible promo release with a guy from a certain, high profile dance label having some creative input. My then production deal with the Ministry of Sound added some complications at the time and for (yet again) one reason or another, the promo 12″s of this track were left sat behind some A&R man’s desk and never saw the light of day. It’s a darn shame really, because I genuinely think this is the best house record I’ve ever made (the ‘Sharp Boys’ thought so too, and attempted to sign it for release on their label!).

On the studio, geek side of the fence, the track was made up with some old funk samples, a cheeky little borrow from an Art of Noise track (hence the ‘Dum’ in the title) and use of an old style, proper analogue filter unit, called the Electrix Filter Queen.. or something like that. Anyway, ‘it’s all about the tunes’, as a radio DJ friend of mine says, so.. here it is – enjoy.

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