Doncaster Live & Tinman 18 Strings Remixes

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Hi guys – just a heads up to not only an exciting upcoming live event, but news of the (finally!) official release of my Tinman, ’18 Strings’ 18th year anniversary remix package.

Doncaster Live 2012

I’m dusting down my decks and rockin’ a live DJ set at the forthcoming Doncaster Live event (Saturday 8th ~ Sun.9th Sept.). I’ll be on-stage on the Saturday (8th) somewhere around 6.30 onwards and will be playing a set of 90s classic club T-U-N-E-S in a manic, mash-up stylee. But that’s not all folks – I’ll also be joined by some very special guests, stage-side with me, vocalists Dan Bryan, Pippa Fulton plus session musicians Lewis Holohan and Andy McMillan. One by one, these guys will be integrating some hands-in-the-air dance grooves weaving in and out of my DJ set. But wait dear reader, there’s more..

Tinman 2012 Remixes

Some of you guys will be aware of my remix competition from last year, asking unknown (and known) remixers to enter a remix competition, celebrating the eighteenth year since the original Tinman ’18 Strings’ release. It was a charity based initiative too, with any future royalties from a general public release been donated to my chosen charity, St Lukes Hospice, Essex. The good news is that I’ll be playing a special mix of the original 1994 version with at least one or two of the 2012 remixes to the Doncaster Live audience – but the GREAT news is – the package of winning competition mixes will be available for download on September the 18th.

Package one of  Tinman remixes comes via the currently ‘hot!’ Base Music label. The awesome set includes contemporary house versions by the UK’s Simon Sinfield, Russian DJ/Production team Mazai & Fomin, plus corking interpretations from Dave Remix (Dub-Step vibes) and Adrian Rickards (gettin’ trance-tastic). Check out some previews of the Base Music package below, plus some more from a simultaneous ‘Euro’ Tinman ’18th Year  Remix’ package from my good friend Sanny X’s  ‘+Soda Music‘ label – The latter includes (from Sanny) an electro-house stormer that would shame Kraftwerk themselves as well as a bonkers cool update from Spain’s, Tony Postigo.

So guys, see you in ‘Donny’ on September 8th with my special guest artists, some 90s super-bombs and a Tinman mix-fest – AND – don’t forget, PLEASE support the Tinman 18th Year Anniversary remix packages – download legally and direct your purchase money to a very worthwhile charity. Thank-you :-)

Base Music Remixes

PlusSoda Music Remixes

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