Crush On You – Jets (Dakeyne Remix)

Posted on 13. Feb, 2012 by in Studio Sessions

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A recent quick poll to my Facebook friends asking if they’d like to see some old Dakeyne remixes (released, unreleased and rare) gleaned some positive responses. A few notable requests were regarding my first actual club 12″ single remix release, the Jet’s, ‘Crush on You’. It seems this particular mix isn’t easy to find, so I thought I’d post it up here on my DJ/Production memories site, with a few notes about how it came about.

‘Turntable Remix’

In late 1986 I’d only just moved to the London area to take up my then new position as in-house producer (alongside good friend, Sanny X) for the DMC crew. Within a few days of bedding myself into my new studio home, I was asked if I could turn around a lightning fast remix for MCA Record’s act, The Jet’s. The label’s A&R department had the release scheduled but were panicking they had no alternative club version for DJ’s to drop. The ‘gotchya’ to this scenario though was that no multitrack was available for the remix project. If I was to complete the remix then, I’d have to rely solely on edit and overdub elements and hence was born my reference phrase, a ‘turntable remix’.


Working then just with the original (I think) radio mix, a fortuitously available acapella, a Revox tape B77 tape machine and one solitary Akai S900, I set to work. The remix was built structuring the original pop arrangement around intro, outro and sporadic interspersed ‘bullet edit overdub sections and multi-layered audio grabs. The bed for some of these sections were themselves constructed from samples of the original drum track, plus other such stab ‘n percussion randomness! All in all though, once gelled into a cohesive club version, the whole thing held the nuance of the original production, but just added the DJ specific intro and outro’s, with some exciting dancefloor moments sprinkled through the timeline.

Radio Play

Literally a few weeks after the remix was delivered to MCA, this new version was aired on the then popular Tony Blackburn LBC radio show, ironically as a radio edit of my extended mix – huh! – but hey, it went on to be the main commercial release hitting the top five spot sometime in January ’87, and of course the 12″ mix did the club business too.

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Paul MacDonald

01. Nov, 2012

Just now saw this post. Always figured no multitrack was available on this one when I heard it. Besides the 12″, it is available as a bonus track on the 1987 UK CD release of the “Crush On You” album.
So what’s the story of your “Crush Mix” of Crush On You released in 1987 as the B-side to the UK Curiosity 12″?


08. Jul, 2013

I was hoping this was the DMC remix that appears on the import as a B-side to “Curiosity” which was remixed by Phil Harding.

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19. Apr, 2015

Yeah I had this version. I think it had a similar cover to the original but was yellow. Didn’t M&M do the original 12″.

The edits were so cool on this one. DMC were great in the day. LWR played the mixes all the time.

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