Channel D – Unreleased, Unbroadcast 80s Production

Posted on 08. Aug, 2011 by in Studio Sessions

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unreleased Paul Dakeyne 80s productionMost of you will remember the classic M.A.R.R.S. track, ‘Pump Up The Volume – as a concept that combined original production, samples from other peoples records and DJ scratching etc. It set a precedent that others followed during that late 80s period. Those others, and very successful they were too, included S’Express, Bomb The Bass, my friend Simon Harris, and me.

The ‘and me’ part there actually translates to a similar type production that got SO close to an actual release, but due to some bizarre focus switch from the label (MCA Records) at the time, left this project on the shelf. I created a pseudonym (as I was often to do throughout my career – good, bad move?). The artists then was CHANNEL D, the track was called ‘Oh-We-Oh (love or lust?)’. The ‘D’ of course was my surname initial, and latched onto a utilised vocal sample from the cult 60s spy TV programme, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

As you’ll hear from the Soundcloud file below, it is indeed a sample-fest, an audio potpourri of bits and bobs that somehow hangs together with an underpinned groove lifted from Oliver Sain’s rare groove classic, ‘Bus Stop’. It contains original drums, bass, keyboards and guitar and fell nicely into the wake of the Bomb The Bass et al productions mentioned earlier. Alas though, it was not meant to be. MCA Records got as far as sending a legal document to secure the track, then as I said, had an eleventh hour transfer of affection (as it were) to another in house producer over at DMC. And no, before you ask, I aint, and wasn’t, bitter. I did however bury the project, not even letting DMC themselves put it out – and swiftly moved on to create another sound, another direction and flip a re-invention along the way. ‘Oh-We-Oh’ was never broadcast live on radio, never released in any format and was only played (off 1/4″ tape) twice at my then DJ residency, The Hippodrome, London. I found an old cassette with it on recently, and that is how I rediscovered it. Download if you’d like and enjoy, even for old times sake..

See more of Paul’s creative output at Dakeyne Photography


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Rob Beardshall

19. Aug, 2011

Hi Paul,
Thanks for your reply so quick.
If theres any chance of those picnic at the whitehouse remixes i would be very grateful.
Many Many Thanks
Rob Beardshall


04. Oct, 2011

Paul trying to get a hold of you. Looking to possibly book you for Dublin gig. email me dude.

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